The Iran-e Farda Group has exclusive representative of reputable and well-known European companies manufacturing various types of paper and primary materials for binding. The products of this publication are prepared and produced under the license of international standards, including CE. The paper and cardboard used in our products are certified by FSC.

Since 1966

The Iran-e Farda Group having more than 50 years of production history in the printing and binding industry is still dynamic and innovative. Innovation and artistic creation are among the values that we always adhere to in Iran-e Farda. Over the past years, a large group of the most famous Iranian and foreign brands and industries has been a part of the large family of Iran-e Farda publication.

State of the art technology

Using modern technologies is one of the most important professional principles of the Iran-e Farda Group. Most of the machineries in our production units are manufactured by Germany, Switzerland, and Japan. Modern production line and high industrial productivity provide product production and service delivery at any circulation with high speed, exact timing, and global standard quality.

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